Janine practices a yoga arm balance pose

Janine practices a yoga arm balance pose


What is yoga?

Over the past 20 years studying and practising different types of yoga, I have come to the conclusion that yoga is about acquiring better awareness of yourself through a combination of movement, breath work and focussed stillness.

My yoga classes usually incorporate all of these key elements as well as concentration and meditation techniques.

I believe Yoga can offer you the tools to feel more connected to your sense of self and the wider world around you. I’ve found that through exploring my inner self, I’ve been able to become more aware of the decisions I make and the habits I have. I want to help my students discover that sensation too. Because once you start to notice what’s happening on a mental, physical, emotional and energetic level, it becomes easier to make more positive life choices.

What kind of yoga do I teach?

Currently my classes are a blend of both flowing and static held poses. I focus on teaching students to become more aware of their natural breath, which supports them in their postures.

My classes involve exploring different views of alignment, so that students chose the right variation of pose for them. We also focus on how postures and breathing techniques affect our energy and emotions. Most classes include various functional and somatic movement techniques to make the session fun and playful.

I want everyone to feel great about their bodies. We’re all unique and that’s what makes us exciting! I especially enjoy teaching the relaxation sessions at the end of each class, to give students a chance to experience a state of calm and peace that we often don’t feel in our everyday lives.

Over the years I have taught lots of different styles of yoga including; ashtanga, vinyasa, hatha, restorative and yin. I have also taught yoga for pregnancy, yoga for mum and baby, and yoga for people living with or recovering from cancer. This journey has brought me into teaching my own blend of yoga that doesn’t follow any specific doctrine or lineage.

My style of teaching allows me to pass on different versions of postures, so that there is something suitable for everyone’s unique body. But most importantly it’s about guiding my students to make their own most appropriate choices about which variation of a pose to work with. This empowers students to be their own best teacher and for them to work within the structure of their own body.

I encourage students to respect that this will feel different each time they practice, some days students may want to challenge themselves... Other days they may wish to rest more and feel nurtured by their practice. My wish is that over time students learn to trust their bodies and how to move with ease. Feedback from my students is that with regular attendance they; gain better posture, are more content, less stressed and feel more connected to themselves, and the world around them.